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liz phair

Liz Phair came to prominence in the early 1990’s with the release of her album Exile in Guyville and has since followed up with two albums one EP and numerous B-Sides and compilations. PoisonSkin has included her on our site because we feel that she is a powerful artist with integrity unlike most of the hacks that you hear get radio play these days. While her later two albums are noticeably missing the loneliness and despair that makes Exile so timeless, they are still extremely good and we suggest you go out and pick them up immediately if you don’t already own them.

We also suggest you don’t buy the following albums. Smash Mouth, Creed, Jewel, Days of the New, Goo Goo Dolls, Fuel, The Fly’s, Bare Naked Ladies, The Verve, Backstreet Boys, New Radicals, Days of the New, Better Than Ezra, or Sugar Ray. Do go out and pick up the new Frog Pond.

This site will be regularly updated with news, tour info, audio, etc. In addition, if you’ve got anything that you think we might be interested in please visit the Contribute area. All pictures and audio are the property of their respective owners and are only here to service fans of Liz Phair and give them something to listen to

7 Stones

7 Stones

Ray Primm: Vocals, Guitar
Tate Farar: Guitar
Chris Renya: Bass
Ben Kent: Drums



Hailing from Austin Texas, 7 Stones is a hard rocking band that have quickly gained a reputation as one of the nations best lives acts. 7 Stones is currently on a national tour in support of their latest album Blue Chemicals. Engineered by Jim Wilson of the Pixies and Oasis, Blue Chemicals show cases 7 Stones at it’s best, performing hard intense songs that stay with you long after the CD player is off. Voted KLBJ 93.7’s Best Band in America 97 and also winner of SOCO Rocks Battle of the Bands 97, 7 Stones have opened for such national acts as Morphine, Reverand Horton Heat, Chris Dauarte, Sister 7, Pushmonkey, Caroline’s Spine, Vallego and Fastball.