Guinness World Records and Skateboarding

Skateboarding is a very active and attractive sport that allows breaking a Guinness World Record in many different ways. This sport is very innovative, and you don’t need to be the best skateboarder to reach a record, you just need to be a little innovative. Here are some of the most impressive skateboarding world records:


The highest skateboard ollie

This world record is set by the 19-year-old Aldrin Garcia during the Maloof High Ollie Challenge. This challenge took place at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on 15 February 2011. The ollie was impressive 45 inch high. The previous record was held by Danny Wainwright with the height of 44,5 inch.

World’s largest skateboard

World’s largest skateboard

The world’s largest skateboard was created by Rob Dyrdek in 2009 ( ). This professional skateboarder paired with California Skateparks to build a skateboard that is 38 feet 6 inches long and 5 feet 6 inches tall and it is a realistic replica of a real skateboard. The ratio between this skateboard and a real skateboard is 12,5:1.

Highest air on a skateboard (quarterpipe)

The professional skateboarder Danny Way is very famous in the skateboarding world. He has broken a lot of world records including the one for highest air with the height of 25.49 ft. He set this record during an event in California which was sponsored by DC skating shoes. This infamous 41-year-old skateboarder goes to extremes very often and he is famous for jumping the Great Wall of China with a skateboard, jumping from the Neon Guitar of the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, jumping into a skateboard ramp from a helicopter and more. He is also in a partnership with DC skating shoes, they are supporting him in building the tallest skateboarding ramp in the world together with Monster Energy. Danny Way also has a model of skating shoes with his name. You can read more about the skateboarding shoes from here Skate Gears.

Fastest skateboard speed downhill (standing)

Erik Lundberg

This Guinness World Record belongs to Erik Lundberg ( )that achieved a speed of 130.63 km/h. He performed this run in Quebec, Canada on 31 May 2016. After the run, this Swedish skateboarder said that the most important thing that helped him reach the record is that he tried to be as still as possible and he did more than one run to get to know the road and have a perfect position.

Most consecutive skateboard ollies in a row

Eric Carlin is the world recorder of the most consecutive ollies in a row with the number of 242 ollies. He placed this record on 16 July 2011 in Mount Laurel. He succeeded in doing 242 ollies without his feet touching the ground on his fourth attempt. This sounds impressive, considering the strength and concentration required for this trick.

Longest journey by skateboard

Rob ThomsonThis journey was completed by Rob Thomson on 28 September 2008. The length of the journey is 12,159 km and he started the trip in Switzerland on 24 June 2007. During his trip, he traveled through a lot of countries and also used train, bicycle, sailing and ended it in Shanghai, China.

24-hour distance on a skateboard.

The recorder in this category is Andrew Andras who traveled 431.32 km in 24 hours. He achieved his record on 7 January 2013. This discipline of skating is also known as ultraskating.